Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ten favorite.. things about Audra

In going with my "ten favorite things" and the fact that it is Audra's FOUR MONTH birthday, I thought I'd say ten of my favorite things about this beautiful and wonderful little girl.

1. I love that she wakes me up with smiles every morning.

2. I love that every single part of her is ticklish.

3. I love that she knows who I am and gets excited when I reach to pick her up.

4. I love that she stills nurses and I get have that wonderful bond with her.

5. I love that she makes me laugh just by being so cute all the time.

6. I love that all she wants to do all day is play with me.

7. I love how snuggly she is when she wakes up from her naps.

8. I love that she growls all the time.

9. I love that ears stick out and she has "elf ears" (That's what Mill calls her)

10. I love that she is my daughter and I get watch her grow and develop and take care of her everyday.

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