Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ten favorite.. snacks!

I am a big time snacker. I would like to say it's because I'm nursing and you know, blah blah blah. I really just like to snack though. And now that I live with just Audra, who doesn't eat anything!, I don't feel like making lunch most days. So here are my ten(ish) favorite things to snack on. They are good for on the go or just good to keep on the house for when you need them. Sharing them with you so maybe will find a new favorite snack as well.

1. Multi-grain, cheese pringles. These are one of my favorite things. I have never liked pringles that much but these multi-grain ones are so much better. The only problem with these is I eat too many. They are also just over a dollar a can. And I tell myself they aren't so bad for you cause they are "multi-grain". Shh. Just let me think this.

2. Chocolate almonds! Not the kind you think though. They aren't just chocolate covered almonds like you usually see. They are dark chocolate powdered almonds. So they aren't like eating candy. It's more like having a lightly sweetened almond. They are so good. Can't find them everywhere though. You can get them at target and sometimes at K-mart. You can get them at wal-mart but only in individual 100 calorie bags, and they are too expensive. One can of these is close to five dollars but you would be surprised at how long they last. I don't usually eat too many at once either. They are just a great sweet snack.

3. Almond cranberry crisps. I just recently bought these on a whim at wal-mart. I am in love. They aren't very sweet, just the cranberry that is in them. They are like a chip. The chip part is made from almonds then it has cranberry in it. I want to say they are salty and sweet, but that isn't quite right. It's not like chocolate covered pretzels or anything. I don't know. You'll just have to try them.

4. Mint chocolate chip cookies. These I stumbled upon while at the health food store. They are the best cookies. Newmans own, and organic. They are kind of soft with big chunks or mint chocolate in them. At night, after I have gotten Audra to sleep, I like to get a glass of milk, sit down to a movie and eat some cookies for a few minutes before I have to go to sleep. It is about the only time of day I spend alone and the cookies make it really great.

5. Lighty salted, dry roasted peanuts. I like nuts anyway but I have to have them dry roasted or they make me sick to my stomach. And I like to get them lightly salted otherwise I can only eat a few. It just feels too much to me.

6. Chocolate macaroons. Another awesome health food store find. Went there the other day with Audras grandma. I love that place. I got good foods and some toe nail polish cause I had really been wanting to paint her toes. Anyways, these are really good. I have no idea how they stay soo moist but they do. I don't necessarily snack on these, not like the rest. But I like to have them around for when I need a sweet fix.

7. Auntie Ann's snack mix. This is way too good. I want to just eat the whole box. It has the bunny crackers, two different kinds though. And bunny pretzels. Very good. And good for Audra once she is big enough for snacks. The only problem though is you can't find it everywhere. I may have gotten this at the health foood store as well. Maybe target though. I know they do carry some Auntie Ann's products.

8. Nesquick. This for sure counts as a snack for me. When I feel like munching I go in the kitchen and make a glass of chocolate milk. Come on, who doesn't love chocolate milk?? and it says right on the container 25% less sugar... :)

9. Kashi chocolate, coconut bars. (Can you tell that I like cheese and coconut?) I bought these for breakfast because I like breakfast bars but after having one decided they are a little too sweet. But they make great snacks.

10. Chai tea with vanilla agave. I like hot tea anyways but this chai makes a good snack. Vanilla agave is amazing. I had it at my cousins and then went on the lookout for it. Only found it at the health food store, so I bought two bottles. Definitely try some of that.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm baaaaaack. (Don't judge my cliches)

So look who finally has internet! This girl. And I have a house. Whew. Been crazy though. I have been debating on whether or not I was going to start this up again and then I made this:

And it was so amazingly good that it inspired me to continue. That was my first attempt at making a cheesecake and I was scared but never again! Even the strawberry sauce was awesome. The whole thing last four days. Haha.

Audra is getting so big. I just can't stand it most of the time. I recently got to go see my newest little cousin, Quinton, and he is two weeks old and it made me cry. I just can't even remember her being that little. She is only seven months old but she just seems so big everyday. She crawls, she gets into everything, she pulls up, she even took a step the other day! While holding on of course. But still. I scooped her up immediately and told her not to do that. Another down side to her already crawling is that I have already had to start teaching her no. She doesn't know what it means yet but I know the day is coming where she will have it figured out and I will tell her no and it will just break her little heart and she will cry. I'm not looking forward to that day.