Thursday, November 11, 2010

The "Mega Mac"

I haven't blogged in a while. I've had a lot going on and just haven't felt like it.
I feel better now. :)
We've been trying to do family stuff out here in Singapore. Mom, Kati, and I went on an "adventure". I've also done LOTS of cooking. So many recipes that I want to share. I'll get to it.
Right now, I just have to tell you about the "Mega-Mac". It is a burger you can get at the McDonalds here in Singapore. My dad ordered it, probably more because I dared him to and not because he actually wanted it.

This thing has FOUR meat patties and three buns. Not only did he finish the whole thing but also had fries and a coke.

A better view of the awesomeness. Haha.
Oh, one thing I forgot. They DELIVER here. Yes, you can call them up and place and order and then a guy on a moped brings it to your house. Like this guy:

He was a good sport and let Dad take his picture. 


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  4. In Canada that sandwich is the double Big Mac. It is my hubby's favourite!

  5. They used to have those here (in California anyway)
    I remember, because I did not like the many options of Big Macs I had to sell when I started working at McDonald's. Then they stopped making them : )

    Most food places deliver in Guatemala too! I love that. Well, in the city anyway. Not out in the smaller places, like where my husbands family lives. But at my uncles house in the city, they speed dial the fried chicken place & get it delivered. I think it's pretty cool.

  6. Melanie-Darn! I thought we were special. I had sure never seen one of these things.

    Yara-I love that everything delivers here! Even the grocery store and stuff. We have used the McDonald's delivery a couple of times. I think it's great. :)