Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jet lag stinks

I've come to the conclusion that jet lag is just plain awful.
Audra and I were so worn out.
We felt like this.
Audras' sleep schedule is still off. She doesn't sleep through the night anymore.

I was so excited to post pictures all the time of all the stuff I do out here and everything and then. I lost my camera. :( It really stinks. So, for now, no pictures of Singapore from me.

Audra doesn't roll over yet but she can get on to her side and when on her stomach it looks like she gets close. It's so exciting. She is getting bigger, still talks all the time and has fun watching her aunt and uncles play with her. She especially loves her aunt juice who is 6 months older. Juice also loves her. Sometimes too much and Audra gets accidentally hurt by her excited aunt.

We haven't done too much yet but we get our vehicle today so I'm sure we will be able to start doing more. And I'll tell you all about it when I can.

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