Friday, October 1, 2010

So many blogs, so little time.

I remember just a few years ago that I heard the word blog and thought "what does that mean?" And now everyone and their dog have blogs. You can honestly find a blog about just about anything. Video game blogs, Medical blogs, Poop blogs, and of course the oh-so-many Food blogs. (I haven't read any of those except the food one, btw) So, I just thought I would post some of my favorites and the ones that I check at least once a week. I'm always looking for new ones, too.
These are also in no particular order.

This one is quickly becoming very popular but I have been reading it for over a year. Sometimes it can be inappropriate but that is the beauty of it. People send in a postcard, like this,
and write their secret on it. They send it in, anonymously, to be read, to be able to share it with someone, anyone and to not be judged for it. Sometimes the secrets are horrifying, sometimes sweet, or funny, and sometimes heartbreaking. But most of the time, when you're being honest with yourself, what they really are is relate-able.

This is my moms blog. It is usually about herself and her family, including me, I check it everyday and she has actually got a nice little following.

This is Abraham Piper's blog. Which is John Piper's son. I have been a Piper fan for a long time and was so excited when I found it. His blog is so funny. It's usually got the latest crazed meme and just whatever he finds online that's funny. Definitely worth a look.

His wife, Molly, also has a blog. They have four kids, most recently a newborn set of twins. That's usually what she talks about. Though she has been updating much lately.

This blog I use a lot because she has a lot of good recipes. She also has stuff like sewing and photography and just other house-wifey, womanly stuff. (to be  not so PC, lol.) -Another good food blog. Lots of good desserts, which are my favorite.

THIS BLOG is completely hilarious. Warning it does have a lot of bad language. The blogger gets on craigslist and such and e-mails people to mess with and irritate them. It is so funny.

Since I'm going to Singapore soon I searched for lots of info on it and found this blog. Um, most likely it won't interest you unless you'll be going to Singapore soon or if you just REALLY want to know about it. But it is informative and funny.

Things We Forget is a very unique blog and everyone should check it out. Someone that lives in singapore writes and draws little sayings on sticky notes and then leaves them all around singapore. It's pretty cool.

And last but not least is Cake Wrecks. It is always good for a laugh. Pictures and commentary on professional cakes that have gone horribly, hilariously wrong.

Gonna go and read some wrecks now while Audra is still sleeping on me. :)

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