Thursday, September 16, 2010

I will NOT quit!

So, this is what happens everytime I start a blog. I have started THREE then I post once, maybe twice, then I go delete it. Well not this time! I left but now I'm back. I really want to keep a blog, especially now that I'll be going to Singapore soon. I want to be able to document all the fun while I'm there. The reason I stopped was things got crazy cause I had my baby. She is beautiful and will be two months old on Saturday. Her birth was really hard on me (that story soon to come) and before that we moved and everything and I just got so busy. But I'm determined now to keep this up. I love reading blogs and in another post soon I'll share some of my favorites. I'd like to post everyday but I'm sure that won't happen. So, my goal is three times a week. That sounds doable. Then if I keep up maybe I'll tell my friends and family about it. Just not until I'm sure I can keep it up. Ok. Well here's my new start.

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