Thursday, September 23, 2010

Food pictures and christian warfare..

So we had a pretty crazy night last night at our house. It turns out that our church is under some major demonic attacks and we found out last night. There has been some serious praying and repenting going on after realizing the severity of it all.
We have a pastor in response to a call coming to preach on Sunday and I think that may have a lot to do with it. I'm pretty excited to see this guy if Satan is going through so much trouble to cause problems right before he gets here. Make me very hopeful for our hurting and broken church.
On a lesser note I recently have started baking a lot. I love to bake. Love love love it. but, I'm not very good. I'm good at pretending to be though. Lol. Anyways I just keep doing it because practice makes perfect, right? Well now my dilemma is that I don't know how to take food pictures. I tried today, only they didn't turn out so good. I'll go ahead and post them anyways.
I made some Oreo Truffles. Which is really just about one of the easiest things to make ever. The only part that is a pain is dipping them all in the chocolate, just because it takes some time. All you do is get a package of Oreos, I almost got newman O's but was too scared it wouldn't turn out the same, stick them in a blender or food proccessor then stir in a package of softened cream cheese. Roll into balls and chill in freezer about ten minutes, but the longer the better. While doing that melt a bag of chocolate, I used Ghirardelli milk chocolate and it was delicious. Then dip the balls in it and put back in fridge or freezer until hardened. I also found that the hotter the chocolate was the easier it was dip because it wouldn't go on as thick. I started out using toothpicks but soon gave up and just used my fingers. That's probably why mine weren't so pretty. But still delicious!
Have a look.
Also, why is my little baby getting so big??

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