Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sweet deals!

Today mom and I went shopping and I got some seriously sweet deals. It was loads of fun. Had I known how awesome it was going to be I would have taken a lot more money and not worn a dress. Haha. But we had a really good time and I made quite the haul for very little. Some of my favorites,
-A coat for when I get home and it's freezing. It's white and looks plenty warm. 12 dollars!
-FOUR long sleeve shirts for Audra that are super cute. I'll try to get pictures of her in them. 10 dollars.
-And these
How cute are those? I saw them when I first got there and they were marked ten. So, I moved along. Then as we were about to leave I was still thinking about them. I went back to offer 7 and she said 5! Yes please. Awesome. They don't look as cute in that picture as they really are.

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